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Depending on the purpose of your travel to Indonesia, different types of visas will apply to your situation. Whether you are planning to visit Indonesia, study or work or even to settle permanently, you will have to apply for a different visa, accordingly. Here are some of your options.

Single Entry Visitor Visa

Single Entry Visitor Visa (B211) – the most popular visa that allows you to visit Indonesia as a tourist or doing business related (non working) activities. Period of stay up to 180 days (extendable up to 60 days).

Multiple Entry Visitor Visa

Multiple Entry Visitor Visa (D212) allows you to enter Indonesia multiple times throughout the year for business meetings and leisure activities. Period of stay 60 days for each arrival. Maximum visa validity is 5 years.

Work Visa

Work Visa (C312) is granted to foreign nationals as experts / specialists employed in Indonesia by their sponsors (employer). Period of stay up to 2 Years. Length of stay depending on your role.

Investor Visa 1 Year

Investor Visa 1 Year (C313) is granted to foreign nationals who intend to invest or have already invested a certain amount of capital in Indonesia. Period of stay up to 1 Year. Stay permit for this visa is extendable.

Investor Visa 2 Year

The more popular choice for Investor visa. Investor Visa 2 Year (C314) granted you period of stay up to 2 Years (extendable) allowing you to live and manage your business within the country with relative ease.

Training / Research Visa

Training / Research Visa (C315) is granted to undergo training or conduct scientific research in Indonesia. Period of stay up to 2 Years. With this visa you may enter and leave Indonesia as frequently as required.

Student Visa

Student visa (C316) is granted to foreign nationals who already accepted and intend to study in an Indonesian education institution. Period of stay up to 2 Years. Stay permit for this type of visa is extendable.

Joining Family Visa

Joining Family visa (C317) is granted to foreign nationals who intend to join their families in Indonesia (for international marriage couples). Period of stay up to 2 years (extendable).

Repatriation Visa

Repatriation visa (C318) is granted for one purpose only, which is for Indonesian citizens that have changed their citizenship to another nationality and want to regain Indonesian citizenship.

Second Home Visa

The main goal of Second Home Visa (C321) is to provide long-term period of stay for Investors, foreign visitors and retirees. Period of stay up to 5 Years or 10 Years.

Second Home Visa for Family

Second Home Visa can also be applied for family (C322), namely children, husband/wife, or parents with period of stay same as Second Home Visa holder.

Visa on Arrival Extension

The Visa on Arrival (VOA) is valid for 30 days. To spend more than 30 days, you will need to obtain a VOA Extension. VOA cannot be converted into another type of stay permit.

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